Why children's toys instead of low intelligence?



Schleier Lerner, a scholar, says toys that give children too much inappropriate are less likely to compromise their cognitive abilities, as they can be overwhelmed with so many toys, unable to concentrate on playing a toy and learning from it . The report by Casey Sylva, a professor of educational psychology at Oxford University in the United Kingdom, also confirms this point.

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In this regard, the domestic pediatric experts also expressed some agree with the point of view. Cui Ni, chief physician of pediatrics of Nanjing Integrative Medicine Hospital in Nanjing, said that a great variety of toys do not represent "a lot of good and good", but the quantity is adverse to the development and growth of children's intelligence. For example, many parents spoiled their babies. Once a baby broke a toy, he immediately bought a new toy for the baby. As a result, a lot of new toys in the toy were damaged. In the long run, the child not only did not know how to care for the toy, but also easily destroyed addiction". In addition, if the baby has too many toys, easy to develop inattention, not careful habits. The excessive communication and interaction between children with too many toys and their parents will be reduced, and the corresponding time spent reading, singing and playing with their parents will also be reduced, which in turn will not help improve the level of intelligence.

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