Human skin mask mixed with toy hidden



Reporters in the search engine input keyword "human skin mask", you can immediately display some special sales "human skin mask" site. In Taobao and other e-commerce sites, although the "human skin mask" has been shielded as a sensitive word, but there are still many owners under the name of "simulation mask" to sell such products.

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According to customer service staff, they sell the "human skin mask" degree of simulation reached more than 95%, after wearing can also speak normally, eat, almost no mask with the same.

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Chen Shiwei, professor of criminal law at Southwest University of Political Science and Law, said that "human skin masks" currently belong to the category of toys. There are only two types of toys that are prohibited for sale in our country: gun-lethal ammunition and toys that threaten human health.

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Public security organs suggested that we must strengthen the management of the production and sales of "human skin masks". However, according to the current laws and regulations, the "human skin mask" that poses a great danger does not exceed the statutory sales scope.

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