"DISNEY" toy export infringement case


Key tips: Shantou Customs recently cracked a case of toy export infringement and seized 300 toy skateboards suspected of infringing the trademark "DISNEY".

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The reporter learned from Shantou Customs that the cracked export toy infringement case was uncovered recently and 300 toy skateboards suspected of infringing the trademark "DISNEY" were seized.

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According to the introduction of Shantou Customs, on November 20, 2013, a company in Jiedong, Shantou Customs Offices, declared a batch of export plastic toys to the customs office. Shantou customs inspection officer Chen (a pseudonym), as usual, sitting in front of the computer image inspection machine carefully analyze the scanned images of the goods, although the export declaration of the toy image is normal, the weight and the estimated number and reporting are basically the same, However, with many experiences of seizing infringing products in the exported goods at Shantou Port, Chen believes that it needs to be unpacked to ensure its foolproofness.

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Sure enough, out of the above-mentioned exported toys, Shantou Customs inspection officers found 300 toy scooters marked "DISNEY" trademark, but business units can not provide legitimate use of "DISNEY" trademark of the proof of authority. Shantou Customs informed Disney Company of the "DISNEY" trademark right according to law of the above goods, and the obligee believed that the above goods were infringement. At present, Shantou Customs has detained 300 toy scooters suspected of infringement.

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